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Is it all its cracked up to be?
That said, if you need the international gun support, you want the added convenience that automatic stock lockouts can bring, and/or you want the added bluetooth features, the Escort Redline stock EX looks to be a good pick as well.
Uniden R3 (399) and the, radenso Pro SE (499 but how does the, redline EX (599) compare, especially given that it offers some excellent features that the competition doesnt?
If this detector had been released several years ago, getting one would likely avec have been a no brainer.Customizable alert lamp on top of after the detector which can display different colors for different bands.Its super solid with echange no bouncing and its very easy to mount and unmount the detector with no release buttons to press.Enabling detection of pour those terminale bands is great for countries that actually have those guns and dont have the level of K band pollution that we have here, but here in parts the US you wont need those features and I wouldnt recommend enabling femmes them.The Redline EX Internationals twin antenna design provides extreme radar performance.He also found that enabling mrcd detection on his leclerc Redline EX seemed to reduce the performance of the detector.USA: Click here to buy the Redline.K40 RL360i 360 degree installed radar 3,499.00 Sale!Summary Reviewer Vortex Radar Review Date Reviewed Item Escort Redline EX Author Rating.This is a great feature.The buttons are also backlit and gently exchange glow with the detector when it alerts as you can see in the photo above.Even parts though those guns arent used here in the US, for fun I tried enabling all of those international guns which was a big mistake.

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Contents, redline EX detector Overview.
Automatic GPS lockouts: detector Finally, another excellent feature is GPS lockouts.
Exclusive TotalShield technology delivers true rencontre stealth operation for 100 undetectability, although radar detectors in New Zealand are completely legal anyway.You also have the ability to have that words alert lamp rencontre glow a specific color depending on what band youre detecting, independent of display color.Can display current speed limit on screen.Note: Theres different places to get it depending on if echange youre in the US or in Canada.Detectors that arent designed for the mrcd either wont alert, or theyll give you a normal K band alert once you disable the K band filters which means it will either provide no alert or be going off so much that you wont take the.Ive tested my Redline EX against a bunch of other detectors and was a little disappointed by its performance.Support for international radar guns including the mrcd, mrct, Gatso, and Strelka.TSR: If you encounter traffic sensors on the highway (and get blasts replacement of K band every mile or so enable TSR.Built-in Bluetooth connectivity to the award-winning escort Live app provides real-time speed limit data, speed trap and camera locations and shared radar alerts from nearby users.While its not designed to integrate directly with your detector, there are way more people using it so youve got many more people out there reporting where police are located up ahead.