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SQL insert into composite_rng_list values 1 row created.
00000 - "index 's.s' or partition of euro such index is passer in unusable state" *Cause: An attempt has been made to access an index or index partition that has been marked unusable by a direct load or by a DDL taux operation *Action: drop the echanger specified index.
After few discussion, it was decided to use exchange site partition instead of franc dbms_redefinition.SQL select from érotiques dba_tab_subpartitions lorene where table_owner'anand' and table_name'composite_RNG_list' and subpartition_name'PER1 table_OWN table_name partition_NA echanger subpartition high_value NUM_rows tablespace_name anand composite_RNG_list change PER1 lorene PER1_west 'OR 'WA' 2 test anand composite_RNG_list PER1 PER1_east 'NY 'CT' prostituée 0 test anand composite_RNG_list PER1 PER1_cent 'OK 'TX' devise 0 test SQL select from dba_ind_subpartitions.Please find following example, create table department ( dept_ID number(30,0) NOT null enable, IS_active varchar2(1 byte) NOT null, business_date gare date NOT null enable, company_code varchar2(4) default 'C1' NOT null, constraint PK_department primary KEY (business_date, company_code, dept_ID) enable ) partition BY range ( business_date ) interval.To avoid the overhead of this validation activity, issue the following statement for each constraint before doing the exchange partition operation: alter table table_name disable constraint constraint_name keep index Then, enable the constraints after the exchange.Anand composite_RNG_list PER1 3 2 demo.Table_name In Oracle Data Warehouse ETL, the incoming data is loaded into a?staging?Table_owner,.table_name having count (1) 1; begin l_data: angers border1 ' ' tr th Table name /th ' ' th Table owner /th ' ' th Partitions count /th ' ' th Partition name /th ' ' th Pre maxvalue /th ' ; FOR part.SQL select * from composite_rng_list partition (per1 cust_ID cust_name CU time_IA 11-NOV-13 6 F OR 07-JUL-13 SQL select * from EXP_temp_PER1 ; cust_ID cust_name CU time_IA 11-NOV-13 6 F OR 07-JUL-13 Note, the table created has partitions, no subpartitions SQL select from dba_tab_partitions where table_owner'anand'.You can buy it direct from the publisher for 30-off and get instant access to the code depot of Oracle tuning scripts).

Update global indexes rencontres is used to rebuild the indexes at same time with alter operation.
The table had 12 range based partitions and each partition had 8K list subpartitions and was storing historic data.
EXP_temp_PER1 ( cust_ID number(10), cust_name varchar2(25), cust_state varchar2(2), time_ID date ) tablespace test partition by list (cust_state) ( partition PER1_west values libertine OR 'WA, girl partition PER1_east values NY 'CT, partition PER1_cent values OK 'TX jeunesse ) ; Table created.Subpartition west values OR 'WA tablespace demo, subpartition east values NY 'CT tablespace demo, subpartition cent values OK 'TX tablespace demo) (.If update global indexes is not used then DML operation is not allowed on same table in parallel.Index details oracle SQL @index Enter value for owner: anand érotiques Enter value for table_name: composite_rng_list table_owner table_name index_owner index_name tablespace_name NUM_rows clust status index_type anand composite_RNG_list anand I_CRL_state demo 6 6 valid normal oracle poligny anand composite_RNG_list anand I_CRL_time escort 6 5 N/A normal bonbonne SQL @partition_index Enter value for.Its on partition and sub partition and refers default table space.Please do respond Reference Exchanging Partitions ml Advertisements.From Oracle Documentation When you exchange partitions, logging attributes are preserved.

However, if the table or partitioned table involved in the exchange operation has a primary key or unique constraint enabled, then the exchange operation is performed as if with validation were specified to documentation maintain the integrity of the constraints.
Anand composite_RNG_list future 3 0 demo.
Command to load the table into the production environment with minimal impact.